The participants at the first Sino-German Agribusiness Forum in Beijing.<br />Photo: © DLG


The German Agricultural Society (DLG) hosted the first Sino-German Agribusiness Forum in Beijing in April. The 100 high-level experts exchanged information on the German and Chines agricultural machineries markets.more



HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation have summarised experience gathered in the course of their several year-long Rural Development Livelihood Development Programme in Tanzania in a number of learning documents.more



Agricultural development needs financial support and the finance sector wants to enter the agricultural sector. Both sectors still struggle to meet halfway and search for new strategies to overcome traditional resentments. The...more



Farmers in drug crop cultivation regions are caught in a vicious circle. They work in remote areas and are often dependent on criminal networks. It is also difficult to quit the cultivation of illicit drug crops as there are no...more



Two leading exhibition organisers in livestock and agricultural machinery, DLG International and VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, have announced a joint-venture agreement to launch a new exhibition, AGRITECHNICA ASIA, to take place...more



The giz-supported Ecochavos project in Mexico’s Sierra Madre Orientale seeks to raise environmental awareness in a region that is one day to become a vast ecological corridor.more

Coffee production in Vietnam heavily relies on irrigation.<br/>Photo: DEZA


A public-private development partnership between Swiss Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Nestlé in Vietnam illustrates that saving water isn’t just sustainable – it’s also profitablemore

Through the Cashew Initiative the trained smallholders could raise their income by 120 USD per year. <br/>Photo: Erik Cleves Kristensen (flickr)


The "African Cashew Initiative" of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has won this year’s OECD-DAC prize. The Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organisation for Economic...more

More than 1,400 participants gathered at this year’s Conference on Land and Poverty.
Land governance


At the recently held Conference on Land and Poverty, the central focus lay on the importance of women’s land rights as well as the relevance of fostering secure access to land rights for all. The German Federal Ministry for...more

One of the biggest challenges in rural development and in rural advisory services is how to reach the 500 million smallholder farmers with relevant and high quality information and services. The results of a one-year learning...more

Egypt has an important aquaculture sector. <br/>Photo: © FishConsult


Switzerland, in collaboration with WorldFish and CARE International, has launched the “Sustainable Transformation of Egypt’s Aquaculture Market System” (STREAMS) project, aimed at boosting production of inexpensive, nutritious...more

Doctors working at Connaught Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone. This Hospital was on the frontline of the Ebola epidemic.<br/>Photo: © Simon Davis/DFID


Germany is providing 205 million euros for strengthening health systems and economic and social recovery in the region affected by Ebola.more

Rural development


Discussions at the General Assembly 2016 of the Donor Platform for Rural Development focused on the need to identify a common purpose for a coherent agenda on rural transformation that will support economic growth and job...more

2015 Field Days in the Indian Federal State of Gujarat


The German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft, DLG) is broadening its horizons in Asia in February and April with Field Days In India and participation in an agricultural trade fair in Shiraz in Iran. An...more

Experts and politicians from Europe and Africa discuss the issue of food security in Africa’s rapidly growing cities.

By 2050, four-fifths of the population of the African continent will live in cities. At the invitation of BMZ, GIZ and the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, experts and politicians met in Berlin to discuss how the...more

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