This is, for example, reflected by the fact that a new malaria vaccine was approved just recently. The agent it is based on “only” works with children, and it has proved effective among a mere third of test persons, but it does represent progress on the way to what could be a comprehensive vaccine. And we do of course welcome the fact that German 2015 G7 presidency has chosen the topic as one of its priorities. In addition, Germany hosted this year’s replenishment conference for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. This conference was also a great success, with Germany committing 720 million euros to the fund from 2016 to 2020.

Let’s stick to the financial aspects. How much money is available for R&D on PRNDs?
Since 2008, the Australian think tank Policy Cures has annually published the G-Finder, a report on tropical disease funding data. According to the G-Finder, just below 3.38 billion US dollars was spent in all on neglected disease R&D in 2014.