But what I think lacks is some kind of formal association that is organised by farmers for farmers and acts as the direct contact to the buyers. Then there would be fewer brokers in the marketing chain, which would also reduce corruption. The situation today makes farmers like myself helpless and puts them at the mercy of some very influential middlemen.

What is hindering the establishment of such an association?

Besides the fact that the involved middlemen will stop at nothing to make sure that they stay in business, there is also the general lack of knowhow. Most rural farmers don’t care how the entire production and marketing process of their products works. Naturally, since most are not highly educated, they find such a complex process rather challenging. So it is easier to leave it to those out there who seem to know better just as long as the farmers get their pay, however little it may be.

What other kind of obstacles do you see for making farming more profitable?

Of course there are the general challenges such as poor infrastructure, low prices, climate change and its impacts, and lack of labour.