How do you get the necessary information?

As far as tea is concerned, the Kenya Tea Development Agency offers farmers a field day once a year when, among other things, new techniques are demonstrated and farmers learn more about the marketing process.

Do you feel that farmers are fairly represented in the marketing chain?

Basically, farmers are there to cultivate the product and deliver it to the respective buyers. The rest is taken over by the responsible organisations or co-operatives and a good number of middlemen who are responsible for the marketing and binding and determine the prices. With so many brokers in the marketing chain, farmers can only get a raw deal.

What about farmers’ organisations or co-operatives?

As I mentioned earlier, coffee is sold through co-operative societies, and for dairy farmers, we have milk processing companies or mini dairies. In general, milk marketing is done by the Dairy Board of Kenya and Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC).