So you have to keep an eye on your product. Thieves are always waiting for an opportunity. The last chores at my farm are cutting and transporting the Napier grass, cleaning the cowshed and the third round of milking the cows. Grinding the Napier grass and mixing it with other vegetation such as banana leaves or hay is done every day, so that the cows have food for the next day.

Do you hire labourers to help you with farm work?

In the past I used to hire three or four permanent employees and several casual workers, but that has changed in recent years. Labour has become difficult to find and when it is available, it is very expensive. Occasionally, we get some casual workers who help with either harvesting the tea and coffee or other tasks around the farm.

Tell us a little bit about the marketing of your products.

In Kenya, the tea industry is generally divided between small farms and large estates.