The Munyi farm

Moses Munyi runs a six-hectare piece of land in Embu County, in the eastern province of Kenya. Tea and coffee are the major cash crops. In addition, he cultivates and sells small amounts of avocados, passion fruits and macadamia nuts. Also, he keeps six milk-producing cows, three expectant heifers and three calves. Their milk production fluctuates throughout the year. During low seasons, some months after cows have given birth, in dry seasons or when one or two of the cows fall ill or die, they produce about 25 litres a day. At peak times, they can yield more than 80 litres.  To feed his cows, Moses Munyi grows Napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum). For family consumption, he cultivates maize and beans, potatoes, pineapples, sugarcanes, green vegetables and bananas.


Olive Bexten
conducted the interview.