There is dense traffic on the relatively new roads, which are used mostly by lorries carrying valuable logs. Their drivers are Chinese. “While the Chinese take the timber, our children must sit on the floor because they haven’t even got tables and chairs,” says Richard Ujwigowa, describing the ordeal that Mozambique is facing. Born in Congo, Ujwigowa belongs to the Catholic community of African missionaries and is a member of the Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice in Mozambique. Almost every day, people tell him what is happening to them, their villages and their land. “Company representatives come to the village and present documents they have received from the government in Maputo or from the district authorities,” says Ujwigowa. And with little presents, they persuade the village chieftains to hand over their land to them. “One was pressured by loggers. They gave him a motorbike and new clothes for his wife.