In terms of its sustainable, inclusive development, ensuring safe drinking water, sanitation and effective waste disposal is crucial for the town. To maintain this, the technical assistance team works together with the elected municipal representatives and administrative staff. This entails building municipal capacity regarding the quality and sustainability of sanitation services, applying a Faecal Sludge Management tool box (developed by the Asian Institute of Technology Gates Foundation) and assessing different technical options for a faecal sludge treatment plant, plans for which will be designed accordingly. Importantly through this process, the municipality’s responsibility will be to ensure that sanitation is accessible to all, not just the wealthy, and that regular citizen consultation is integrated into decision-making processes.

Bolivia: Harnessing rural-urban linkages

A similar story of urban development can be told in Bolivia. While urban and peri-urban populations have steadily grown over the past 30 years, this population growth has not been accompanied by an improvement in infrastructure and services for wastewater treatment or solid waste management.