The Swiss consortium facilitated the formation of a group of all user households, represented by a committee. Many meetings were held to discuss the improvement of the water situation, with a tripartite agreement eventually being signed between the local municipality, the user committee, and the consortium. This agreement linked universal sanitation to the construction of a borewell and drinking water tower. Thus, all households unable to afford their own toilet – as identified and agreed by all users – were supported to do so through a collectively established fund that will also be used to cover maintenance costs.

The lessons learnt from Katarniya have been shared with the municipal representatives of the town of Birendranagar, recently declared as the capital of the new State of Karnali. Birendranagar is well situated for expansion in a wide, flat-bottomed valley with connections to the larger border town of Nepalganj in the southern plains and rural municipalities and small and emerging towns in the north.