They therefore have every chance of being successful.

Setting up safety nets is a long-term objective. Where do you think it poses the biggest challenges?
One important challenge is likely to be that of strengthening the governments’ institutional and administrative capacity to design and manage effective safety nets for the most vulnerable segments of the population in the region. This will not be easy because the Ebola epidemic overwhelmed the institutions and public sectors of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Another challenge connected to governance will consist of securing funds to set up and maintain national safety nets. This could be problematic as the economies of the three countries are still struggling to get back on track. In the first stage of recovery, donor assistance will be critical in meeting governments’ financial gaps.

Governments will also face the challenge to define target populations. When a big portion of the population is below the poverty line, and the differences in income among poor households are minimal, there will be a need for cost-effective and easy-to-implement methods to identify the poorest and most food-insecure households.

The provision of assistance could be further complicated by the inaccessibility of those rural areas poorly served by the road network.