In November 2014, about 630,000 people, or 14 per cent of the population, were estimated to be severely food insecure, with the EVD impacts accounting for 170,000 people. The disruption of agricultural activity reduced the supply of agricultural commodities and substantially increased their prices. The prices of rice and cassava increased by 41 and 63 per cent respectively.

The agricultural sector in Sierra Leone, which accounts for around 41 per cent of GDP, was also hit by the epidemic. About 450,000 people, or 7.5 per cent of the population, are estimated to be severely food insecure as of December 2014. Aggregate food crop production decreased by five per cent compared to production in 2013.

The FAO launched its Regional Response Programme in summer 2014; 90,000 households that are affected or at risk are to benefit from the measure. Can you already draw an initial balance?
Thanks to the funds received, FAO has provided assistance to 36,000 households in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.