Cooking demonstrations were carried out with care groups to promote moringa consumption, and now women have started to prepare meals with moringa leaves. Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR), an agroforestry practice promoting the protection and regeneration of trees on the farm, is also spreading quickly amongst farmers, who are starting to realise the value of trees in terms of biomass and firewood.

To make the measures sustainable, BRACED worked with local innovators and lead farmers, recognised experts in farming, with a good capacity to teach others and willing to take risks by embarking on new practices, also called early adopters. Having them involved in trainings and participatory on-farm research trials is promoting knowledge transfer and inspiring other farmers to try and adopt innovative technologies, thus ensuring continuation of activities after BRACED.

The water challenge

However, the main challenge for ensuring the success of agroforestry is water. Farmers constantly cite access to water as a limiting factor for their ability to continue or expand agroforestry, and investments need to be considered in water infrastructure, such as improved wells or rainwater harvesting systems.