A wide range of exotic and indigenous fruit trees were raised in community nurseries, including: moringa; Citrus spp.; mango, guava; papaya; Balanites aegyptiaca; Ziziphus mauritiana, tamarind, Acacia spp. and marula tree. Community nurseries produced over 5,000 trees seedlings in the first year. They were purchased by Concern and distributed to community members.

Initial successes

The tangible benefits that agroforestry can bring to vulnerable households are yet to materialise, as trees are still young and have not started producing yet. Nonetheless, some quick wins have already emerged. For example, moringa has been promoted, a fast-growing tree producing highly nutritious seeds and leaves within less than one year of planting. The “Arboloos” initiative foresaw one moringa per household where fruit trees were planted on closed latrines as part of the CLTS (Community-Led Total Sanitation) approach with the aim to combine sanitation and nutrition outcomes.