Agroforestry is therefore considered part of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA).

Community resilience is the ability of all vulnerable households or individuals that make up a community, to anticipate, respond to, cope with, and recover from the effects of shocks, and to adapt to stresses in a timely and effective manner without compromising their long-term prospects of moving out of poverty.

Core definition of Community Resilience for Concern


In Chad, the CSA interventions that mainly focused on agroforestry and Conservation Agriculture (CA) have covered 65 villages (see Figure). ICRAF’s technical know-how has been drawn on e.g. to establish nurseries, Concern’s staff and community members have been trained on agroforestry techniques, and access has been increased to improved trees’ genetic materials (e.g. trees with increased pests and diseases resistance, or reduced periods before starting to produce fruits) and for the domestication of indigenous trees species already adapted to the local environment.