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Soil contamination and remediation projects

Accelerating industrialisation, intensified irrational exploitation of mineral resources and its related emissions, long-lasting irrigation with polluted water, atmospheric deposition triggered by human activities and the use of chemical fertiliser and chemical pesticides have all severely aggravated soil contamination across the world. In China, 30 per cent of the usable land is considered contaminated. Soil remediation expenditures in China are predicted to reach 6.4 billion US dollars (USD) per year by 2015 or 15 per cent of the total  USD 40 billion World Site Remediation Market that year. Canada has begun the second phase of a 15-year plan to remediate 22,000 sites of various size and type from small areas of soil contaminated by spilled fuel to very large abandoned mine sites that are contaminated by heavy metals and other toxic substances, requiring USD 7.7 billion.