In total, 25 sites with an average area of 45,000 square metres are to be remediated.

The pre-remediation phase of the project included activities like radiological surveys, UXO/Explosive Ordnance Disposal activities, installation of groundwater monitoring wells for conducting Environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies and site characterisation to estimate the actual volume and type of contamination. The oil and sludge existing in the features posed a challenge for activities like detecting UXO and thus causing delays to dependant activities like site characterisation. In the remediation phase, the project is utilising a combination of technologies like soil washing, thermal desorption, and bioremediation (in-situ and ex-situ) to clean up oil-contaminated soils.

Step-by-step soil improvement

Soil washing technology removes contaminants from soils by dissolving and/or separating, suspending contaminants on soil particles into the wash water and by concentrating contaminants into a smaller volume of soil through particle size separation.