Others worthy of mentioning are import bottlenecks and, in some instances, restrictions, multiplicity of taxes and our almost legendary complete lack of infrastructure such as power, water and roads.

What needs to be done to overcome these problems?
Improvements in security will help business tremendously. Education, especially the right type of education, will provide the manpower needed not only for our type of business but for all kinds of small businesses. They are actually the engine of growth. There must be a deliberate and sustained effort to ease access to finance/credits to agribusiness. It should also be the right type of funding at the right cost.

What does an entrepreneur need? What is key to success from your perspective?
Passion, discipline and perseverance. If you don’t have passion for whatever business you are thinking of doing, it will be difficult to have sustained success in that business. Entrepreneurship is certainly not an easy way to make a lot of money; it requires lots of blood, sweat and tears on your part.