I am, however, aware that some people have tried setting up something similar even on the Plateau, but no one is in production yet.

Are you planning to continue to grow? Where do you see bottlenecks?
It has been quite challenging in the last eight years, with positive results emerging only in the last one and half years. Our revenues are growing, and we intend to continue improving our processes to enable us to serve our current customers better, as well as getting more customers especially in the biggest commercial cities in Nigeria. Production is increasingly becoming challenging due to the security situation on the Plateau. In addition, investments in infrastructure that will reduce post-harvest losses are an issue that impedes farmers’ income and also hampers our business. Others will be consistent and sustained improvements in farmers’ capacity to manage their crops profitably. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) are doing a lot in terms of capacity building with their various training in Good Agricultural Practises and Farmer Business Schools.

What are the main challenges you have been facing?
If I were to list the challenges we face in doing business in terms of the biggest to the smallest ones, I would say that without doubt, the biggest challenge confronting us is security.