Looking at the dwindling numbers of researchers attending international conferences addressing stored product protection, we urgently need young colleagues to carry on the quite rewarding research in stored product protection.

A case for co-operation

From farmers to consumers, everyone suffers from stored product pests. Stored products are important goods for international trade, and the insect pests travel with them. Today, most stored product insects are true cosmopolitans. Here, co-operation makes sense. We can learn from different solutions found in different places. Traditional knowledge may be confirmed by modern science and even improved to help reduce losses. Research can be expensive, and co-operation may help avoid duplication. If co-operation promotes results being published and known to a broader public, this can help reduce losses and even hunger.


Cited literature can be provided  by the author.

Cornel Adler
Julius Kühn-Institut
Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants
Berlin, Germany