Conversely, arranging meetings at short notice was perceived, and in some
cases clearly used, as a way to exclude women.

Leadership training for women and men

“This was the first time I left my house for another place. I was scared initially, wondering what would happen, but when the training began I was at ease. I can now go anywhere I want with confidence, and put my views across without hesitation.”
Sangita Ghimire, Adarsha bridge warden and woman of the privileged Brahmin caste, Morang District.

Traditional social norms discourage women from being outspoken, so training in public speaking can be very helpful. Community leadership training is offered to user committee members through the TBSU, and those who had attended such sessions expressed their strong appreciation. However, it was found that many eligible individuals were unable to participate because the timing clashed with other commitments or due to family restrictions on mobility, incompatible care responsibilities and similar reasons.

Social facilitation of trail bridge building

"We make sure that there is involvement of women in the committee, and also in one of the executive positions at the time of planning.