Men tend to use trail bridges for access to markets and services; women are more likely to use them in performing domestic tasks, such as accessing fodder and fuelwood. Nevertheless, figures showed a growing number of women in user’s committees. The overall target of 40 per cent women in user committees now tends to be met – but there was little or no data available on the extent to which women were able to influence committee decision-making, i.e. exert their agency.

As part of our study, we first considered the relevant legal frameworks and the rules, regulations and guidelines established for their implementation. We then examined practices in the field, focusing on nine bridges. Here, we collected information through focus group discussions and in-depth interviews with local women. We also interviewed other key informants – especially government officials and local NGO and project staff – and verified our findings through a consultative workshop with national-level stakeholders.

Quotas for women

"Now each and every policy is in favour of women or has provision for the involvement of women..."
Uttam B.