Cash distributions are an important component in strengthening the resilience of families through encouraging education and providing protection against risks (early drop-out, child labour, early marriage). This is enabled by connecting cash support with a comprehensive programme in partnership with a local NGO that provides in-school support to vulnerable children and youth. In this way, we give the vulnerable households both the financial incentive (through CARE Jordan) and the practical support (through the partners running in-school programmes) to keep children on track in their learning, thus making the impact of cash assistance go much further!

Additionally, Community Saving and Loan Associations (CSLAs) have been utilised to economically and socially empower women from different social and cultural backgrounds (Jordanians, Syrians, and Iraqis). CSLAs not only help them access cash (often used in micro-businesses/projects) and receive training and business support but also reduce social tensions and prejudices through enhancing horizontal trust and collective engagement to tackle societal issues for refugees and host populations together.