While considering the specific legal and social situation of each target group and location (urban areas, refugee camps, etc.), CARE Jordan applies a combined, holistic lens of both short- and long-term needs. Key changes enabling this approach are an organisational restructuring process creating shared support systems (combining Monitoring and Evaluation – M&E systems, finance and Human Resources – HR) and secondly, longer-term and more flexible funding, where humanitarian proposals include development budget lines and vice versa and pooling of funding.

CARE Jordan’s Humanitarian Response Model uses a combination of social work tools (information provision, case management), cash assistance and livelihood support (e.g. vocational training and psycho-social support activities). However, to avoid long-term dependency, the programme complements Emergency Cash support with Conditional Cash support that links cash to e.g. school enrolment for vulnerable children. Under this Conditional Cash programme, cash is being provided as regular financial support to eligible at-risk households applying negative coping mechanisms such as child labour.