Our key lessons in this regard are presented in the Box below. We continue to call for the development of stronger awareness and a more explicit evidence base for the nexus to avoid the dangers or negative consequences around possible instrumentalisation and politicisation of aid, as well as any potential reduction of programming impact or threats to our humanitarian principles. CARE’s regional hub in the MENA region invites others in the sector to read the Doing Nexus Differently papers and contribute with their own learning through the public survey.

Key lessons gathered through regional implementation and piloting

Context matters: Contributing to resilience can be done in many contexts and ways. So, programmes must be strongly rooted in local contexts, making use of evidence and different types of analysis, e.g. of political economy, power, fragility and conflict, gender dynamics and local market systems.

Gender opportunities: More opportunities for gender-transformative change open up when the nexus lens is applied.