Many of these contexts face high levels of fragility and/or conflict, each with its unique dynamic. This article looks at contexts and lessons learnt in Jordan, Palestine and Syria, where CARE has been using the Doing Nexus Differently-approach (see Box below).

Doing Nexus Differently – an organisational learning process at CARE International in the MENA region and beyond

In co-operation with over 30 global leaders and practitioners, building on evidence coming from research and teams in the field, CARE’s Regional Applied Economic Empowerment Hub in the MENA region has presented key insights and recommendations on the current nexus challenges and opportunities. This hub has been hosted by CARE West Bank and Gaza (WBG) since mid-2017, strengthening regional programming through applied innovation, technical assistance and ground-up thought leadership.

Building on organisational-wide learning, the hub has become an advocate for the need to implement the nexus in a much more bottom-up, localised and contextualised way in order to protect and empower the impact groups.