Thus, the next question is: which standards and certification system should be adopted to promote sustainable rice farming in Vietnam?

Although rice that is certified VietGAP or GLOBALG.A.P. can already be considered to follow food safety and sustainability practices, their standards are not specific for rice cultivation. To assess the sustainability of rice cultivation, in 2015, the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) released the world’s first standard for sustainable rice cultivation. The SRP can be seen as complementary to the existing GAP standards as it sets new, more efficient and specific standards for sustainable rice cultivation (see Box).

The Loc Troi Group, a leading provider of agricultural services and products in Vietnam, joined the SRP in 2015 and has started to adopt the SRP Standard to work towards sustainable rice farming practices. Loc Troi’s adherence to the SRP Standard can be a leading example for the adoption of sustainable rice farming by other leading rice producers.