This is the result of the quality and amount of information that consumers have been provided on VietGAP quality label. The information campaigns to promote VietGAP label has only focused on the food safety aspect of the standard.
Yet, the research also proves that if consumers are provided with clearer and better information on the different dimensions of sustainability, they will recognise the importance of the values conveyed by sustainably-produced rice and will also show willingness to pay for it. Therefore, the promotion of rice sustainability-related labels needs to be accompanied by more comprehensive information campaigns to increase consumers’ awareness of and trust in the safety, quality and value of rice that has been produced in compliance with sustainable rice cultivation standards and provide consumers with clear and transparent information on the origin of the rice they want to purchase.

Supermarkets – providers of safe rice and trustworthy information

A significant finding of the research is the importance that supermarkets are playing in shaping Vietnamese urban consumers’ purchasing habits, especially among upper middle-income consumers.