Anish Kumar ventured into preparing vermicompost with earthworms. With a Master of Science degree and teacher’s training, he is a part-time teacher in a school. With a keen interest in organic farming practices, he returned to agriculture. He says: “Earthworms are a farmer’s friend. To get compost, one needs to maintain the moisture in the compost bed by regularly spraying it with water. We can get inputs in 45 days and use them for organic farming.”

Of course there were challenges for Anish when he shifted to organic practices on his farm. “Everyone looks at more yield, but not at the quality of food. It is more about appearance,” Anish notes. “The greatest challenge was to do organic farming while having chemical farms around us. Our farm could be contaminated through insects.”

Anish strongly believes that the older generation and his forefathers had a longer life span (some of them lived for over 100 years) primarily because of the food they consumed.