With a market price of 35 rupees per kilo (0.50 US dollars), he knows that all his vegetables are sold at the right price and nothing goes waste.

As the project commenced only a few months ago, Parthibaraj is yet to witness any profit, but what he gets through integrated farming, he says, is enough for him to sustain his livelihood. “I catch two eggs every day. There is a daily income with goats and hens. I have also applied for a loan, and the bank has agreed,” he says. The manure for the farm comes from the cow dung. “Earlier, my father resisted this idea of organic farm, but I persisted,” he explains. “Now, youngsters around me are motivated seeing me, and are showing interest. I am greatly satisfied with my life.”

A practical approach

Like Parthibaraj, almost 60 youths were selected for this pilot project by the stakeholders.