Exhibition hall at the 5th International Rice Congress in Singapore.
Photo: Hagen Lange/DLG


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At the world’s largest scientific conference on rice, three international institutions recognised the global significance of rice as a vehicle for economic prosperity, international development, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. The technologies supporting this were exhibited at the accompanying trade show organised by DLG.

This year, the 5th International Rice Congress (IRC 2018), which took place in Singapore in mid-October 2018, attracted close to 1,500 delegates from 60 countries. IRC 2018 featured over 300 research posters as well as 400 research presentations. The IRC is an international event that highlights innovations and technologies to achieve a food- and nutrition-secure future for the world. Organised by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), it is the world’s largest gathering of leading experts in agriculture, research, academia and the rice industry. The German Agricultural Society (DLG) prepared the adjacent trade show.

Held every four years, it provides a venue for all players in the rice industry to meet, share, and learn about the latest game-changing innovations, cutting-edge technologies, and crucial policies shaping the future of the globe's most important staple crop. IRC 2018 featured the International Rice Research Conference and the 8th Rice Genetics Symposium.

Increasing demand of world’s most important staple crop

Half of the world’s population, around 3.5 billion people, eat rice daily.

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