The International Rice Congress (IRC) is the world’s largest gathering of scientific experts, business leaders, government policy-makers, and other stakeholders.
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6th International Rice Congress in Manila in October

The fourth agricultural revolution is changing the way we produce and consume food. At the 6th International Rice Congress taking place in the Philippine capital Manila in October, experts from all over the world are to discuss new knowledge and technologies. DLG Asia Pacific and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) will be organising the IRC Trade Show.

The rice sector is a prime candidate for this fourth revolution. Rice production feeds billions of people and provides livelihoods for hundreds of millions of farmers and value chain actors. Transforming rice-based food systems for the better will create a significant impact across the globe, but only if we all work together to make it happen, says Dr Jean Balié, Director General of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), who invites everyone to help shape the future of the rice sector from #GeneToGlobe at the 6th International Rice Congress, 16th–19th October 2023, taking place at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Manila, Philippines. 

International Rice Congress 2023

Organised every four years, the International Rice Congress (IRC) is the world’s largest gathering of scientific experts, business leaders, government policy-makers and other innovating stakeholders in the global rice sector, coming together to explore current and emerging advances, opportunities and challenges in rice research, production, and value chains, as well as the wider food, nutrition and health sectors.  

IRC is hosted by IRRI, a non-profit scientific research organisation, based in Los Baños, Philippines, and is co-organised this year by the Philippine Department of Agriculture.  With its theme “Accelerating Transformation of Rice-Based Food Systems: From Gene to Globe”, IRC 2023 will be leveraging on the reach and resources of global stakeholders.

“The congress will encompass the entire spectrum of activities and innovations transforming the rice sector – from cutting-edge research and technologies at the genetic level to the socio-economic and environmental aspects of rice production, processing, policy, trade, and consumption on the regional and world stage," announces Balié in his invitation. 

The signature event of IRC will be the “International Rice Research Conference”, which is to bring together prominent speakers and panellists to discuss their experiences, ideas and visions for the rice sector. Other special events include the 8th International Hybrid Rice Symposium (October 18th–19th), the 7th International Conference on Bacterial Blight of Rice (October 17th–18th), and the 1st Sustainable Rice Platform Symposium (October 17th). Contributions from sponsors, including Bayer and Regrow Ag, are to play a key part in the congress programme. 

With diverse topics such as genetic research, breeding advancements, sustainable farming, climate resilience, value chain innovation, ecology and biodiversity, nutrition and health, social equity, markets and trade, as well as policy and governance, IRC 2023 will deliver an enriching experience to congress participants.   

DLG Asia Pacific and IRRI host the international trade show presenting innovative technologies

The IRC trade show, organised by DLG Asia Pacific and IRRI, is to run in parallel to the four-day congress, showcasing innovative technologies and services from exhibitors across the globe, as well as offering business opportunities. Examples of trade show exhibits include agricultural machinery, data analytics, sustainable farming, post-harvest solutions and digital systems. 

Good reasons to attend IRC

Director General Balié stresses in his invitation note that for scientists and researchers, IRC can help stay up-to-date with the upstream-to-downstream work of public and private organisations across various countries. As well enabling knowledge-sharing, the congress will also provide participants with a wide-ranging understanding of the rice sector, from advanced research on biotechnology and breeding to novel crop cultivation practices and digital technologies.  

Corporations, businesses, and entrepreneurs can participate in IRC and its DLG-organised trade show to showcase their technologies to a global specialist audience, and to find opportunities for funding or collaboration. Many come to explore new investments and markets, and to connect with other international rice professionals. 



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