Increasing consumer demand for livestock products can and should be met by increasing productivity within the same region, mostly in the tropics and subtropics. Although livestock productivity could be increased using grain-based feeds, we favour intensification through forage-based systems based on goals of eco-efficiency, i.e., economic viability, environmental sustainability and social equity. To spark greater interest in and adoption of improved forages, however, the benefits of LivestockPlus need to be communicated to the global community. LivestockPlus seeks to double animal production on 50 per cent less land in the next ten years in some regions of a few countries where policies are favourable for adoption, freeing land for sustainable crop production, reduced deforestation and providing ecosystem services. Applying these interventions in resilient crop and livestock value chains should ensure economic gain and reduce poverty.


Idupulapati Rao, Michael Peters,
Rein van der Hoek and Aracely Castro
i.rao(at)cgiar.org; m.peters-ciat(at)cgiar.org
Centro Internacional de Agricultura
Tropical (CIAT)
Cali, Colombia

Guntur Subbarao
Japan International Research Center
for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS)
Tsukuba, Japan

Georg Cadisch
University of Hohenheim
Stuttgart, Germany

Alvaro Rincón
Corpoica, CI-La Libertad
Villavicencio, Colombia