Dr Marcel Wubbolts is Chief Technology Officer of Royal DSM.
Photo: Royal DSM


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How does industry view the future of the bioeconomy? An assessment by Dr Marcel Wubbolts, Chief Technology Officer of the Dutch-based multinational company Royal DSM.

Mr. Wubbolts, why does your company operate in the field of bioeconomy?

By the year 2050, the world population is forecast to reach nine billion people. It will become increasingly difficult to meet the needs of so many for feed, food, energy and materials from this single planet. In order not to compromise the prosperity of future generations, DSM is convinced that today we must start finding alternatives for our long-lasting reliance on oil and other fossil resources, with their significant impact on the environment, and make the transition to renewable energy sources, chemical building blocks and materials. Switching our economic system to plant-based, rather than relying on – finite – fossil resources, will offer energy security, lower carbon emissions, sustainable economic growth and availability of resources. It opens opportunities for sustainable agriculture that will provide food, feed, energy and materials. DSM’s ambition is to take a leading position in a new bio-based economy by helping to realise the full sustainability and commercial potential of biofuels and bio-based chemicals and materials.

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