That is why we are importing dual-purpose Merino. This can help us improve meat production as well as wool quality,” Mir explains. “Presently, Kashmir Merino produce wool which has a thickness of 21 microns. But we want to make it even finer,” he says.

Kashmir Merino – the perfect dual-purpose breed

Over the past many years, the Department of Sheep Husbandry in Kashmir has established eight sheep breeding farms at different locations for undertaking cross breeding and other research programmes along scientific lines. Rams are being produced in these farms for serving the flocks of sheep farmers in upgrading. According to Department of Animal Husbandry officials, about 29,000 breeding rams produced in its farms have been distributed for crossbreeding in private flocks. The farmers can use the rams – and three ewes which each of them is also provided with – free of charge for a period of three years.