It is important to generate new knowledge in the allied interdisciplinary fields of biological diversity and food security and at the same time to bring about new practices on the social and political levels.

Strengthening governance and social cohesion

Networking the activity areas of “biodiversity”, “renewable energies” and “continuing education and further training for the rural sector” in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Cuba, should have positive effects on the population’s food situation, on ecosystem services and on policy-makers. Local governance and the social cohesion of the participating countries will be strengthened as a consequence. Linking up the activities of the CBC initiative with other locally adapted programmes run by Welthungerhilfe should ensure that it is disseminated and accepted and becomes socioculturally embedded among the stakeholders and target groups involved. In terms of content and composition, the network is very flexible in structure: it includes Cuban para-statal organisations from local agricultural development sectors, state research alliances (such as Cuba Solar) on alternative energy use, and independent institutes like BioEco which are active in the restoration and development of protected areas.