Estimates put the annual number of trees felled at more than 50 million, and wood-burning accounted for 72 per cent of total energy consumption in 2011. In rural areas and in low-income households, the share was even higher.
Specific targets for the use of alternative energies are intended to help people manage their natural landscapes better and more sustainably. The construction of biogas plants, determined by the district of Ouanaminthe – in the direct vicinity of one of the priority CBC sites in Haiti, in Dosmond in the north-west of the country – should improve both waste disposal and waste reuse. A second example is the use of solar panels at the Propagation Centre for Biodiversity in Dosmond, which is underpinned by a series of education and information programmes as well as a round table at which local representatives from all sectors plan and agree binding resolutions on the expansion of alternative energy use.