ICT tools for PFZ

INCOIS has partnered with NGOs, industry, government and private organisations to disseminate the satellite data to fishermen. For instance, the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF), one of INCOIS’ partners, downloads real time information from the INCOIS website and converts the data into content for easy use by fishermen. The information is given through their Village Knowledge Centres and Village Resource Centres. “We get information for today and tomorrow at major fish landing centres, and this is given in the native language and local measurements the fisherman understand,” says S. Velvizhi, a scientist at the MSSRF. Nagaraja adds: “Initially, fishermen were reluctant to accept the technology, but over time, we succeeded. This happened with the support of NGOs, who made this information available to fishermen on the ground.”

What fishermen say
“On a single trip, I spend ten days for deep-sea fishing. I take 2,000 litres of diesel, and one trip will cost me 1,000 litres.