The forecasts are not given during adverse conditions like cyclones, high waves, tsunamis, etc. either.

What fishermen say
“I used PFZ on few occasions, and it is 80 per cent accurate. Once I got fishes worth Rs 75,000 in a single day, which helped me pay my debts. With scientific awareness, we are confident of catching fishes. Also, with additional information like wind speed and weather conditions, we know what to expect when we go to the ocean.”
Arumugam Nagaraj, a fisherman from Velankanni, Tamilnadu


The advisories are in the form of PFZ maps and text with details on direction, distance, depth, latitude and longitude, and GPS location of the place where fishes could be found. Due to the changing nature of the ocean, the fishing zones identified on the maps could shift from the marked location. Hence, to guide the fishermen on the probable shifts in PFZ, information on wind speed and direction is incorporated in the PFZ maps.