Today, with the ‘potential fishing zone’ advisory, we know the GPS location of the places where fishes can be found.”

What fishermen say
“PFZ advisory has changed the way we catch fish. We used to go to the fishing locations, using time-consuming old practices to find fish. Not only did we lose time, but we wasted fuel and were not even sure if we were going to find fish. Then I came to know of PFZ advisory and used the audio message to find the fishing location. Following the GPS points in the PFZ, I caught fish worth Rs 80,000 at one time.”
Kutti Andi, a fisherman from Nagore, Tamilnadu


The science behind PFZ

Scientists from government research institutes on Earth Sciences, Space and Fishery Sciences collaborated to bring a unique fishery service called Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) advisories in the 1990s. A potential fishing zone is identified on the basis of sea surface temperature (SST) and chlorophyll concentration.