Mipagyendou Tchably is founder and chairman of African Coworkers.


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In the “Business Space”, “Promotional Space” and “Learning Space” of the African Coworkers business association in Lomé, Togo, young entrepreneurs can receive clients, engage in marketing and join further training programmes. Company founder Mipagyendou Tchably has also set himself the goal of overcoming urban-rural disparities and thus reducing the exodus of young people to urban regions.

Mr Tchably, how did the idea of “African Coworkers” emerge?
The idea of setting up a coworking space came to me as a result of the failure of my first company in 2012. It is very difficult to advance alone, especially if there is no support. Collaborating was the solution to avoid the costs and thus reduce the expenses of our projects.

Coworking models are widespread in many African cities, but not so much in rural areas. Why have you opted for a rural programme?

It must be said that today, we cannot talk about coworking space without talking about Internet connectivity. The Internet is a fundamental element that gives life to the coworking spaces. However, it should be noted that rural areas do not have the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the proper functioning of a coworking space. At our level, we certainly have launched our coworking space in town, but with a vision turned towards the rural world.

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