Usually, with such situations the repercussions are disastrous. To mitigate this, my go to is to usually seek as many informed ideas from my team and co-founders as possible. However, being an entrepreneur in my country requires taking a lot of risks, one has to be able to ride the fear of failing and to grow the courage to try over and over again. In the process of trying, I have often ended up improving approaches. Consistency, in my opinion, brings with it a lot of originality and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Sunday Silungwe is co-founder of Good Nature Agro. He holds a degree in Development Studies from Zambia Catholic University and in his company, he is responsible for many hats, from Talent and Expansion to Company strategy as operations. Since the firm’s inception, he has built and motivated teams that handle Good Nature’s operations, from two employees in 2014 to 23 currently.