We have 23 highly qualified full-time employees and 150 local private extension agents. Our Legume catalogue has increased, we now produce five main seed crop varieties: Peanut, soya beans, pigeon peas, black eyed beans and sugar beans. In the last season with 2,200 growers, we produced more than 400 metric tons of seed. We have entered strategic partnerships with some of the best organisations in the region, fostering our capacity and credibility with growers. Some of these partnerships include USAID, Catholic Relief Services, GIZ, Musika, World Renew and the Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture.

Looking back, what did you miss in your own professional training?

Entrepreneurship is a great frontier, and it teaches you a lot of the skill on the job. If there was one thing that I desire to learn professionally, it would be risk mitigation and management. I have found myself in some of the worst situations just because I did not critically calculate or even totally ignored the risk.