Joyce Kiziito received a cow as a calf from Caritas and she must likewise give the first heifer calf to another family. Thus more and more rural families will be able to produce their own milk.


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How small-scale farmers in Uganda are joining forces and stimulating rural development – an example from the diocese of Luweero.

Kamu Kamu (One by One) is the name of the group of small-scale farmers to which Henry Kiwanuka and his daughter Joyce Kiziito belong. Father and daughter, along with 38 other farmers from three villages in Kasaala Parish, meet every week to give each other advice, to save and lend money together, and to help each other in emergencies. Caritas Kasanaensis in the diocese of Luweero (60 kilometres north of the Ugandan capital Kampala) organised this group and more than 500 others like it. Rather than waiting for material aid from outside, the members take action themselves to improve their lot in life – and they receive technical assistance in agricultural and financial matters from Caritas for doing so.

A cow makes the rounds

Henry Kiwanuka’s family does not go hungry, even though the conditions are rather basic. The corn is ripe and ready for harvest: the mature ears on the 1.5 hectares of dry plants need to be shucked and shelled by hand.

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