The C.S.P. team (f.l.t.r.): Marlene Hoppe, environmental engineer and project assistant, Evelin Tetzner, managing director, and Günter Gäbler, plant specialist and authorised representative. The team works with a network of international experts on its projects.
Photo: S. Richter


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C.S.P. – Consulting and Service for plant-based raw materials GmbH, based in Dresden, Germany, aims to bring together supply and demand for bio-based resources. The potential is enormous, they believe, but so are the hurdles they have to face.

Ms Tetzner, Mr Gäbler, where did you get the idea for your venture?

G. Gäbler: Nearly all over the world we see that farmers who grow renewable resources don’t approach major industries on their own initiative. In most cases – at least in Europe and the USA – large dealers act as a go-between, either forcing manufacturers’ price expectations on the producers, or speculating with the raw materials. On the other side are the industrial representatives who know nothing about agriculture, and who are not interested in questions of cultivation and harvesting. What they want is to have the resources delivered punctually so that they can integrate them in their production schedules – all year round. For various reasons the processing industry is not prepared to utilise large amounts of plant-based raw materials. Therefore we at C.S.P. aim to be the link between farmers and industry – with all the challenges and problems that entails.

What in particular are you thinking of?


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