Andrea Fadani, head of the foundation fiat panis, congratulating Prof. Zhu Ling on the Justus von Liebig award.
Photo: © University of Hohenheim


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This year’s World Food Day Colloquium highlighted the specific role of water to improve global food security. The wide range of measures and projects presented underscored the potential that science holds to change things.

“Water Efficiency for Food Security” was the issue of this year’s World Food Day Colloquium held by the Food Security Center and the Institute of Agricultural Engineering on October 16th, at the University of Hohenheim, Germany. The highlight of the international, scientific event was the granting of the Justus Liebig Award to Prof. Dr. Zhu Ling by the foundation fiat panis.

Few scientists have such an influence on politics as Chinese scientist Zhu Ling. And even fewer commit themselves so distinctly to the issue of food security and a world free from hunger as she does. The foundation fiat panis honoured Zhu Ling with the prestigious Justus von Liebig award for significant achievements induced in the Chinese reform process to fight hunger and poverty in rural areas as well as the development of social security in China.
In a touching speech, Zhu Ling told the audience how she herself had suffered from hunger when she had still been working in rural areas.

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