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Direct co-operation between small farms and businesses is promising. Trade and processing industries hope for access to resources, while smallholders can dream of stable outlets as well as improved management and negotiating capacities. So is this a win-win model per se?

Not necessarily. There are too many challenges that the successful market integration of smallholders presents, starting with an unfavourable resource base and a lack of knowhow, ranging to an unfavourable negotiating position. However, the conditions for changing this are more favourable today than ever before.

Smallholding in great demand

Whereas it used to be the public sector that would care more for smallholder 

agriculture, it is now international, but also medium-sized, enterprises in the partner countries that are showing a growing interest in smallholding and smallholder trading. Given the latest developments on the food and soft commodity markets, they are attempting to support smallholders in improving productivity over the medium or long term and retain them as clients. 

To this end, they are willing to adapt their business models and supplement them with services tailored to requirements, loans and agricultural extension serv

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