However, it is essential for it to avoid the mistakes that today’s industrialised agriculture has made on its development path over the last decades. At the same time, this industrial agriculture needs to substantially correct the mistakes it has made in the past. The common goal is an agriculture based on agroecological principles.The chief characteristics of such a form of agriculture are: temporal and spatial diversification of agricultural production (crop rotation farming, intermediate cropping, integrated farming systems linking livestock keeping to area); varietal diversity; optimised production with low external input, farm-level and regional cycle economy; short value chains with minimum distances between fields, markets and plates.

Food and nutrition security, agriculture and rural development are among the top priorities of German development policy, which, provided that this has not already happened, will boost its investment in agricultural programmes in the partner countries according to the agroecological principles of agricultural production outlined above and the corresponding provisions in SDG 2 and SDG 15.