Many smallholder families in the South in particular are still not in a position to earn enough to secure their livelihoods. They are the population group in which absolute poverty and hunger are most widespread.

Despite all the progress made in agriculture, more than 800 million people are suffering hunger, while two billion people lack vital micronutrients and almost two billion people are said to be overweight or obese. Thus, for a wide variety of reasons, around half of the world population do not enjoy healthy food. Partly, this is due to a lack of food, but partly also to its overabundance and an inadequate knowledge about a healthy diet. While the mass distribution of cheap, industrially processed food is critical, a growing global middle class is developing an ever greater taste for protein-rich animal source foods. Not only does this often exceed a healthy measure for the individual, but in sum, it also represents an enormous consumption of natural resources.

Sufficient and healthy food for everyone that is produced by people who can earn a good living without looting the planet – this is the goal!