The project team has also successfully collaborated with the solid waste management office of two towns in the project site. Vegetable and fruit peelings from the town market are used as substrate for vermicomposting.

To ensure the source of worms (African Night Crawlers) for vermicomposting, a “pay forward” system has been introduced. An initial ten farmers receive a kilogramme each of worms to culture in prepared vermicomposting bins. After about three months, the worms have doubled in number. The farmers have to pay forward one kilogramme of worms to another interested farmer and so on, ensuring a built-in source of worms even if the project stops.

More income from direct sale. Organic vegetable production and marketing have increased household incomes thanks to increased productivity per unit area. The farmers can easily sell their organic products at prices 10 – 30 per cent higher than conventional ones on local markets.