As a result, they have, for example, obtained livelihood funds from several government programmes.

Early on, the farmers themselves decided to install a group savings fund. They agreed to pay a minimal amount as monthly dues and set aside part of their profits from sales of organic vegetables and vermicompost.

More food security, lower production costs. Thanks to the diversified cropping system, farmers are able to harvest vegetables they can consume or sell almost every day. The calendared planting and harvesting of vegetables enables a virtually year-round supply of vegetables.

Together with the farmer groups, the UPLB team has standardised the formula of organic fertiliser from fermented chicken manure. Now able to meet the registration requirements of the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority, the farmers hold a license to manufacture, distribute and sell their organic fertiliser. 

With vermicomposting, farmers can save fertiliser costs while earning income from selling compost and the worms.